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There are specific ways that a man can change and improve his image, and growing a beard is among them. It creates an impression that the man is more seasoned and mature. Additionally, it may be a show of masculinity because most males can only grow a beard nicely after their teenage years. A beard may also encourage a persona that is tougher, and more edgy.
bald with a beard
Scalp micropigmentation can aid this appearance significantly, as the bald with beard look would be replaced with the more desirable bald with shaved head appearance. It’d help finish the look of a powerful, male archetype. It can make a guy’s appearance look sharper by correcting the hairline to conform to the way the beard grows from his chin. This has to fit his facial features. There are a number of guys that over-extend the boundaries of their natural appearance. This makes SMP appear awkward and easily identifiable in spite of how skilfully it was applied.
For some people, this is a dramatic change overall. The majority of men do not shave their heads and do not grow beards, so if you’re considering this look, it may be that one (or even both) of these habits will change. To go from a head of hair with a clean-shaven face, to shaving the head and letting the beard grow is a dramatic turnaround.
If, on the other hand, you already keep your hair short in an attempt to disguise your hair loss, the change will be less dramatic. We would advise you to take this in stages, getting SMP first and allowing a little time for you and those around you to get used to this new look, then when your confidence grows, you can allow your beard to do the same. This is jsut one approach of course – many men simply jump in at the deep end and do both simultaneously.
The concluding ingredient to complete this new appearance is assurance. This really is something that should innately come from the man himself. It should become part of his style, making himself more magnetic. A man that holds himself confidently is someone that can command the interest of those around him. This makes these guys likeable in the process, for the reason that it gives a liberating effect for the folks he comes into contact with.


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