Are you too young for scalp micropigmentation?

Alopecia, SMP Information

Androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness usually manifests its initial symptoms between the late twenties and early thirties. This condition generally takes years, even decades before it can run its full course. Treatment can be had to slow down or even conceal its progression. The same can be said for other hair loss conditions such as alopecia areata. It may cause less hair to be lost in some mild cases though still obvious, nonetheless. More severe circumstances can result in alopecia areta totalis or the absolute loss of hair over the entire scalp.

Scott is a fifteen-year-old teenager who was experiencing alopecia. He was about five years old when he started exhibiting signs of balding. It was quite unnatural that a boy his age was losing his hair. After ten years of having to endure this situation, Scott’s parents finally came across the HIS Hair Clinic in Manchester. They told the specialists about their son’s concern which was handled in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. This resulted in about four visits to complete Scott’s scalp micropigmentation treatment.
His father similarly had a hard time with Scott’s condition because neither he nor his wife knew what to do with it. Compassionately, he shaved off his existing hair to help Scott feel more comfortable. He wore it like that for years until it was time to allow it to grow back again. It did not return however and had the same appearance as his son. This made him feel uncomfortable as well. Fortunately, they were referred to the HIS Hair Clinic and was able to receive consultation for their condition. He felt that the service was great and reasonably priced. Again, he accompanied his son to go through with the treatment. He did not want Scott to feel alone so he did it himself as well. He went bald with his son. If Scott were going to have his hair back again then he would have his back also.
They both underwent treatment and returned with brilliant results. Father and son are very happy that they did it. Scott got his confidence back and is smiling easier these days. His son shares that it looked like it was going to be painful at first but turned out to be quite manageable. The process was really straightforward and simple. They came in, had a chat, filled-out the necessary documentation and made the required payments. An appointment was scheduled for their first session and the rest is history.
Scott’s self-confidence has been surging since he completed his treatment. He feels better about himself and finds it easier to blend in with everyone. There is no longer a sense of awkwardness about his condition. His father basically just wanted to do whatever he could for his son. He highly recommends HIS Hair Clinic to any kids that are going through the same ordeal as Scott had. It is a perfect remedy that is worth the expense. Nobody it seems is too young for scalp micropigmentation. It is a treatment that can help alleviate anxiety at any age.


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