Another voice weighs in to tell us how to style our thinning hair

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Yet another voice weighs in on how to style thinning hair

Yet another voice weighs in on how to style thinning hairThere’s always someone prepared to tell other people how to deal with thinning hair. The latest in a long line of wannabe advisors is the co-author of “the Art of Manliness”, Brett Mckay. The solution is unequivocal in his opinion – just shave it. He says “It’s a nice clean look, it’s super masculine. A lot of really tough guys have bald head so go for that.”

No such thing as one size fits all

Whilst he undeniably has a point that taking control of hair loss by removing the problem at source might look better than a lame attempt at covering up encroaching balding there really is no such thing as a one size fits all solution to this problem. The truth is that everyone’s experience of hair loss is different and there are a range of solutions to the problem.

Firstly, it pays to talk to experts, such as specialist hair loss clinics. They’ll be able to tailor a solution to meet your needs. Transplants have moved on significantly in the last few years with improved success rates and less recovery time. If your budget won’t stretch to a transplant then there are topical medicines such as minoxidil.

Give SMP a go!

If you’re swayed by McKay’s views that bald is best then why not do it in style and give Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) a go. This increasingly popular treatment gives you the tough guy look he describes whilst also creating a realistic illusion of a real, layered crew cut. The secret is in the way in which the skilled practitioner (many describe themselves as artists) build up layers of organic pigments in the scalp over two to three sessions.

Even better, the procedure is much cheaper than a transplant, non-invasive and you can go straight back to work afterwards.


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