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Hair plays a big part in defining your image, but around 50 per cent of men start to lose theirs before they reach the age of 50 and women can be affected too – we have all seen images of Gail Porter’s hair-less scalp in the press since the onset of her alopecia.

Although there is presently no cure for alopecia, there are a lot of cosmetic solutions available to deal with hair loss, with many plastic surgery clinics offering hair transplant surgery alongside other cosmetic surgery procedures. Unfortunately, however, the effectiveness of such treatments tends to vary depending on the individual and something that works well for one person may not work well for another.

MHT® Micro Hair Tattooing hair simulation treatment is a relatively new, innovative solution to combat the signs of alopecia. MHT® is based on a specialised tattooing procedure expertly performed to ensure hair replication looks absolutely natural and normal. MHT® is not a cure, but a permanent solution for Alopecia and can restore your confidence and self-esteem.

HIS Hair Clinics are the original pioneers of the MHT® technique and have treated clients from all over the world.


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