According to BuzzFeed, bald men make the best boyfriends

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bald men make the best boyfriends

bald men make the best boyfriendsEveryone knows that bald is beautiful! But what they didn’t tell us is that bald also seems to give an instant advantage for becoming the best boyfriend. BuzzFeed, The Date Report, Tango – almost everyone seems to have caught onto the bald man’s secret.

What makes a bald man better than a hairy man

In case you needed more convincing on how no hair can make a man instantly attractive, these top blogs have come up with the following reasons as to why bald men actually are not only sexy but also bag the best boyfriend title;

1. Bald men take up way less bathroom space – no need for fancy hairstyling products, or even shampoo.
2. More sensitive – He’s clearly been through the trauma of losing his own hair, which is why he will be much more sympathetic when you’re feeling self-conscious.
3. His natural beauty is much clearer – a man with no hair is already confident in the beauty of his features that he’s been blessed with.
4. He can pull off hats – and he still won’t get hat-hair!
5. Baldness looks classic – his (lack of) hairstyle actually suits every situation, he can look tough when he’s playing football in his kit, yet still suit up and look like a true gentleman.
6. No silly looking haircuts or colours – he’ll never have to worry about a botched haircut

Still not convinced?

Maybe your hair is already thinning out, or perhaps your hairline is receding. Whatever the issue if you’re still worried about going bald, then you can always consider scalp micropigmentation (SMP).

SMP is a simple, minimally invasive procedure which can give men a natural and realistic looking appearance of hair growth. SMP results appear similar to a newly shaved head with hair follicles visible on the scalp; this procedure gives permanent and a perfect look every time which is why the procedure is growing in demand. Speak to a hair loss expert to find out more about SMP and whether it’s the right solution for you.


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