3 things to know before you have a beard transplant

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beard transplant costsThe problem of hair loss or lack of hair growth is no longer just restricted to our scalps. Attention has now moved down to our chins as increasing number of men request a facial hair transplant. Often, this is an aesthetic consideration as sporting a full beard has become a fashion must have and some men find it very hard to naturally grow luxuriant and impressive whiskers.

Other motivating factors include a desire to camouflage facial scars, either as a result of trauma or, more likely, from serious acne during puberty. Those undergoing female-to-male transgender treatment may also seek a facial hair transplant to gain a more masculine appearance.

# 1 It’s not cheap

Beard transplant cost will be in the same region as a hair transplant procedure. Exactly the same technique is used and the cost of a hair transplant is based on how many follicles are transplanted from the donor area to the new recipient area. To produce a full beard, you may require exactly the same amount of hair follicles to be transplanted as you would to address an area of hair loss on the scalp.

Your hair transplant surgeon will be able to give you a quote after your consultation, when the amount of hair loss and area to be covered has been fully assessed.

# 2 You can design the beard of your dreams

As just with a hair transplant to the scalp, the success of the procedure can depend greatly on the skill and artistic eye of your hair transplant surgeon. During your consultation they will discuss what you’re hoping to achieve and can then plan the placement of the transplanted hair follicles.

# 3 You do have alternatives

Hair transplant surgery is not the only hair loss/growth solution. Other treatments include hair loss medications such as minoxidl and scalp micropigmentation and these can also be used to increase hair growth on the chin.
Minoxidil, in the form of over-the-counter Rogaine/Regaine, is a clinically proven topical application that can tackle male and female pattern baldness. It is not FDA-approved for facial hair use and it can be drying and irritating so use should be carefully monitored.

Scalp micropigmentation is an effective hair loss solution that replicates the appearance of a closely shaved hairstyle by delivering a blend of pigments into the scalp. SMP can also be used to cover scars, bald patches or add depth and density to facial hair, such as the eyebrows or beards.


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