What’s the minimum age for a hair transplant

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What's the minimum age for a hair transplant?

What's the minimum age for a hair transplant?Patients often wonder what the ideal age is to opt for a hair transplant – but honestly speaking there isn’t one. It is known that having a hair transplant when under the young age of 25 does carry some risks. Unfortunately patients who are losing their hair in their early twenties will be feeling self-conscious, under-confident and will be looking for a quick fix.

Understandably, most men in their twenties are facing vulnerable moments in their life where they are looking to settle down in a career, relationships and finding their own identities. Therefore dealing with hair loss at this age can be distressing and can sometimes even lead to depression.

Risks associated with having a hair transplant too young

As there are multiple hair transplant clinics emerging across the world, many people have access to easy and cheap surgeries, which aren’t in their best interests. These hair transplants clinics are giving young desperate men poorly designed hairlines which don’t appear natural or realistic at all.

Furthermore, future hair loss in these patients means that although transplanted hairlines remain the rest of the hair can fall out, which can cause patients further distress.

Hair loss is a progressive condition, so patients who have lost their hair at a young age are very likely to lose more hair in the future which gives the surgeon a limited supply of donor hair.

Many hair transplant surgeons agree that the age of 25 should be the youngest a patient can be before a hair transplant is considered, so that the current and future hair loss can be correctly assessed and predicted. This means the surgery can be well planned and that the patient is properly counselled, so that they can have realistic expectations of the surgery and make informed decisions.

Other hair loss solutions for young men

Young men who are worried about their hair loss can always consider Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP). SMP is more cost effective and permanent solution than a hair transplant surgery and requires very little maintenance. The procedure is carefully pre-planned with each patient so that realistic results are delivered every time. SMP results are so discreet and natural, that many patients choose not to tell their family and friends they underwent the procedure.


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