Trump lets TV star ruffle his hair, to prove it’s not a wig

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Donald Trump proves it's not a wig

Donald Trump proves it's not a wigWith only a few weeks to go before the US Presidential election, one of the most important questions about Donald Trump appears to have been answered once and for all.

No, not whether he believes that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, or his tax records – whether that thing on his head is a rug or not.

During an appearance on the US chat show Tonight to promote well, himself, host Jimmy Fallon asked if he could ruffle the most talked-about hair of 2016.

And as the video evidence proves, whatever it is, it’s not a wig. After taking a breath to take in the fact that Donald Trump had been telling the truth on at least one thing, the Twitterati resumed its speculation on what it actually is…

Is it a weave?

Gawker has already speculated that The Donald may have spent a fortune at the turn of the century on a very weird procedure known as Microcylinder Intervention, which involved the embedding of thousands of tiny cylinders into the scalp, to which is attached stands of natural hair.

Trump immediately sued Gawker, but the case they built in their defence was certainly compelling.

Or has his flap been invaded?

As we reported earlier, the author of a recent Trump biography has speculated that he may have indulged in invasive flap surgery at some point in the 90s. This procedure involves cutting the hairless part of the scalp away, and then stitching the remainder of the scalp back together.

Flap surgery was considered a bit extreme at the time, and is completely discouraged by industry expert bodies now, but it would explain the unnatural shape of the Trump bouffant.

Even though we know it’s not a wig, this is one debate that isn’t going to end any time soon, and speculation will only increase if he becomes President.


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