SmartGraft tops the hair restoration products in 2016

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smartgraft hair transplant surgery device

smartgraft hair transplant surgery deviceSmartGraft is an innovative new Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) system which eliminates the need for the scalpel and stitches and puts an end to unsightly linear scarring when harvesting hair follicles for transplantation. Its precision and the amazing aesthetic results are just two good reasons for its achievement of the Medical Insights award for Best Hair Restoration System. The award was given by THE Aesthetic Industry Awards for 2016.

Developed by Vision Medical Inc., the system is one of a range of technology products manufactured by the company for the medical and aesthetic market. Vision Medical Inc. distribute their products around the world so an award like this will contribute to its global reputation.

What really sets the SmartGraft apart from other systems is its extremely efficient technique for removing, counting, sorting, and protecting follicular units prior to implantation. It achieves this with minimal impact on the scalp, thus ensuring a very fast client recovery and excellent aesthetic results. Transplanted hair looks good whether it is long or short, and a natural, permanent head of hair is the finished result.

What’s the competition?

Other hair transplant devices which perform a similar role as the SmartGraft include the ARTAS and the NeoGraft. These devices have been on the market for a couple of years and their key role is to make FUE faster and easier to accomplish. The ARTAS removes grafts through computer guidance and speeds the whole process up, and while the NeoGraft is still dependent on human guidance to extract follicular units, technicians provided by the manufacturer remove this time-consuming task from the surgeon’s remit.

Like the SmartGraft, the ARTAS and the NeoGraft eliminate the potential for a linear scar, but the SmartGraft’s process is entirely automated, whereas both the ARTAS and the NeoGraft require continued input from either the surgeon or technicians in the management of the extracted follicular units prior to transplantation.
The safest and most efficient hair harvesting system by far is the SmartGraft – it performs all the functions that both the ARTAS and the NeoGraft offer, and remove the need for surgeon or technician input.


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