New report backs up theory that stress causes hair loss

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stress and hair loss

stress and hair lossWe all know that most cases of hair loss are to do with the simple and inevitable procedure of getting old: according to statistics, 40% of men will have noticeable hair loss by the age of 35, moving up to 65% of them by the age of 60.

But according to a new report from Dove Men+Care, the stresses of the average male lifestyle can have a negative effect too.

And no, this isn’t about mental and psychological stress – they mean the stress you put on your hair when you’re going about your daily business. And ironically, those of leading a more active and physical lifestyle may be the worst offenders…

Let the air get to your hair

As we covered in an earlier post, one of the biggest dangers to your hair happens when you step out of the shower in the morning, or after a session at the gym or swimming pool.

That’s because vigorous towel-drying can put a large amount of stress on the hair. That’s because hair follicles have already been weakened under the shower: taking a towel to them immediately afterwards and rubbing the scalp with it can cause serious damage. And if you’re doing that more than once during the day, the situation can worsen.

So what about the alternative: using a hairdryer? That can be even worse, as turning a blast of hot air to your scalp at close range can be even more dangerous – even more so when you’re using it after a session in the pool, as your hair has been subjected to chorine, which makes it temporary brittle.

Take your time

So what can you do to avoid hair loss, bar not do anything physical or forego a shower? Experts recommend that you don’t become tempted to rush through your hair care regime, pat down the hair with your towel, and let your hair air-dry whenever possible.


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