Is Trump’s Hairline the Result of a Dangerous Hair Restoration Op?

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Donald Trump Hair Restoration

Donald Trump Hair RestorationDonald Trump has gained a lot of press over the last few months, largely for all of the wrong reasons. One thing that’s hard to loom past when you see the presidential candidate is his strange, unique hairline.

People have compared it to many things including a crested wave and a troll. However, despite its unique appearance, Trump does insist it is in fact all of his own hair. According to a new book on the controversial candidate however, his unusual hairline is down to an experimental, dangerous and now discredited hair restoration op.

Is invasive flap surgery to blame?

The author of the new book, Michael D’Antonio, claims Trump’s hairline is likely the result of the invasive, dangerous flap surgery. It was in the early 90’s that flap surgery really took off. It involved cutting the hairless part of the scalp away and then stitching the scalp back together. None of the skin is completely removed so the it was thought the patch of hair would remain alive with its natural blood flow intact. However, that’s not what always happened.

The American Hair Loss Association discourages people from undergoing flap surgery. They claim on their website that even if the surgery is a success, it will still leave an unsightly knot where the patch of skin has been twisted and shaped into position. The hair also starts to grow the wrong way due to the hairline being taken from a different section of the scalp.

Other risky hair restoration ops

Flap surgery isn’t the only dangerous hair restoration treatment out there that should be avoided either. Line and round grafts should also be given a miss. Both of these grafts are known for leaving odd, unsightly results. Similarly, a scalp reduction also leaves an unnatural, unsightly look.

Always consult with your doctor if you’re having issues with hair loss before seeking a treatment. They will be able to advise you on which treatments would be best depending upon what is causing the problem.


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