I want to shave my head but I have a scar on my scalp – what can I do?

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scar on scalp

scar on scalpWhat scars?

There are a couple of problems that are associated with hair transplants (only two – and they are far outweighed by the many benefits):
1. Surgeons who have utilised the older strip extraction method can sometimes leave a long, unsightly scar that is difficult to conceal, except with relatively long hair.

2. When men seek a hair transplant after experiencing quite advanced hair loss, the resilient transplantable hair is simply not enough to cover an extensive area of scalp – more hair is extracted, leaving more visible scarring.
Both these problems require a solution.

Scalp micropigmentation

Men who want to wear their hair short – perhaps because of insufficient coverage, or perhaps simply because they prefer it shorter – but have unsightly scarring, should consider SMP which is a very effective means of camouflaging a scar. At the same time, it also offers the illusion of more dense coverage to men who had less hair to transplant in the first place.

How effective is SMP?

SMP can achieve at least 70% concealment of a scar, sometimes after just one treatment session. SMP has been known to disguise hair loss from close family members and even intimate partners. A clever combination of stubbly growth and SMP will conceal even the most obvious of scars to the unsuspecting eye.

Many men have reported their satisfaction with SMP to treat hair transplant scars, saying that with this camouflage method, people are much less likely to suspect hair transplant surgery.

SMP can camouflage any scar – it just happens that scars caused by hair transplant extraction are often the longest and most visible, and they are frequently the scars that men seek solutions for.


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