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Laser therapy was shown, in a Government funded US trial, to be of benefit in treating hair loss sufferers. Or as they put it:  “We observed a statistically significant difference in the increase in terminal hair density”. Little wonder then that laser therapy has taken it’s place among the range of reputable and proven treatments available at modern hair loss clinics. We take a look at the latest piece of equipment to hit the market, it may prove to be a triumph of style over substance but it is undoubtedly a very good looking piece of kit.


Laserband 82

laserbandMedical grade lasers are used to stimulate blood flow to an affected area. This promotes the delivery of your own body’s healing properties to the region and, as previously mentioned, has been shown in large studies to lead to “an increase in terminal hair density”.

Designed For Home Use



While most laser treatments still take place in the comfort of a clinic, increasingly sales of so called laser combs and now the Laserband 82 have seen a huge rise in the popularity of performing the simple treatment at home. A session lasts a mere 90 seconds so it is easy to understand why someone might choose to swerve the journey time making the journey to a clinic. Of course, there are lasers and lasers. The Laserband 82 has, as the name might suggest, 82 laser nodules… which is one way you might be able to compare it with another product you might be considering. Another could be the frequency of the laser used… unfortunately I could find no reference to that in any of their literature – that does not necessarily mean it is not available, just that I could not find it.

A point worth mentioning, for those that do not know already, is that these medical grade lasers are nothing to do with industrial cutting lasers… the element of a laser that creates heat is added during the manufacturing process, it is simply not added to medical units and so there is no heat generated. The previously mentioned large scale study confirmed that no participant suffered any ill-effects bought on by use of the Laserband 82.

If you are interested in learning more about how laser might help you, or discuss any of our full range of hair loss treatments, just click here to find your nearest clinic. A free consultation with one of our experts will help you identify which treatment, or combination of treatments is the most appropriate for your personal situation.


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