FDA investigate Monat hair care products

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FDA investigation hair lossThe latest bad news to hit the US hair industry is an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) investigation into the trendy Monat hair care company. Nearly 200 women have raised complaints about the products which claim to promise “long, fuller, stronger” hair.

Class action lawsuit against Monat

A customer of the product, Dana Sohovich has launched a class action lawsuit against the company claiming that, far from achieving the promised results the products have caused her to lose hair and left her with bald patches.  She’s not alone it would seem either as nearly 200 other women have reported similarly adverse reports.  Those who complained to the company were apparently told initially that this was normal and part of the detox process, although it seems that’s no longer proffered as a reason.

At this stage the FDA haven’t reached a conclusion and are still in the investigation phase.  Their latest statement asks for anyone else who may be experiencing problems with the product to get in contact.

Wen settled for $26,250,000

It’s less than a year since Wen Hair Care Products settled a class action for a total of $26,250,000 with its customers who raised similar complaints about their products. (That means $20,000 for up to 6 million people). Interestingly the initial complaint there was raised by only 127 customers so the Monat investigation could result in an expensive outcome.  The company still disputes that its products were responsible for the various problems its customers reported but the settlement means we’ll probably never get a clear picture.

As a general rule it’s probably best to avoid any products that claim to have miraculous benefits.  If you’re concerned about hair loss then speak to your GP or an independent hair loss clinic.  There are a number of clinically proven treatments that do work but be wary of buying online, particularly imported products.


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