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As they reach middle age many women will begin to notice hair loss. Typically it will present as a general thinning across the top of the head, that becomes noticeable at the parting – particularly if that parting is in the middle. We investigate some of their options for treatment, including a look at a remarkable French study which suggests a simple supplement can play a part in preventing further loss, and even help encourage some recovery.


Womens Hair Loss

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The numbers are quite stark, 40% of women will experience some hair loss by the time they are in their forties. For some it will be a slight thinning, as individual hairs deteriorate with time and some follicles become permanently stuck in the resting phase  Almost invariably the evidence will be spotted either in the plughole or the pillow… where any noticeable increase in loss should be reported to your GP – There might be a treatable underlying cause. For most though, the diagnosis will be female pattern baldness, as one trichologist put it, if your hair is how it is now in a years time we should consider that a success. Simply halting the progress is most definitely an achievement which has to overcome nature.



According to your personal condition and situation, degree of loss, lifestyle and finances            , you will need to find the correct solution or treatments. Hair systems remain popular of course, Scalp MicroPigmentation is increasingly an option for women with light to moderate thinning who are just looking to add the appearance of density without compromising their lifestyle. There are also laser combs and medications that are FDA approved, although only the topical variety are approved for use by women. Platelet Rich Therapy (PRP) has shown some encouraging results in early tests, this sees your own blood centrifuged to produce a version with a high density of red blood cells which are then injected directly into the scalp to encourage follicle health. These treatments have a range of effectiveness that is entirely unpredictable on a case by case basis, which is why many women choose to use more than one… maybe combing laser comb sessions with PRP and a course of supplements.


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There are a huge range of available supplements on the market aimed at addressing hair loss. While the vast majority are based on ancient medicine, which modern science has back up as viable, almost none have been subjected to rigorous study. One exception to that rule was a 2015 French study which found that a simple supplement, containing 460 mg of omega 3 fatty acids, 460 mg of blackcurrent oil, plus 5 mg of vitamin E, 30 mg of vitamin C and 1 mg of lycopene, when used for 6 months gave 62% saw an increase in thickness and density of their hair and an amazing 90% saying their hair loss had decreased.

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