Deal with your hair loss for good: make this the summer of SMP

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Deal with hair loss for good: make this the summer of SMP

Deal with hair loss for good: make this the summer of SMPWith summer fast approaching, if you’ve found yourself dealing with excessive hair loss then why not consider making this the summer of SMP?

SMP stands for scalp micropigmentation, and is an increasingly popular permanent hair loss solution men are undertaking. If your hair fall is too much to deal with, shaving your head could be the best answer and a much more stylish solution to thinning hair.

How does SMP work

SMP is a relatively painless procedure in which a qualified technician deposits pigmentation onto the scalp to imitate a naturally shaved head. The process cannot be carried out by a tattooist or cosmetic pigmentation specialist, as it requires a unique technique and has specialised equipment.

Essentially, the technician is replicating a natural look of thousands of hair follicles on the scalp. The end result is so precise and realistic, even from up close, that most people cannot tell an artificial procedure has taken place.

Clients are required to meet with the technician before the actual procedure, so that they can work out their desired hairline and sideburn shape, which colour pigments should be used and also the density of the pigmentation. The treatment will require multiple sessions, this is so that the deposited pigments have time to settle into the scalp and the scalp can heal. With each session, a subsequent layer is gradually built up so a more natural appearance of hair follicles can be created.

SMP and self-confidence

If you have never shaved your head before, it can be daunting to think about and is a big step to take. However, practically every man who has embraced the look with confidence has always been able to pull it off well.
Shaving your head this summer is an excellent way to keep cool; if you still feel self-conscious about it then SMP is the ideal solution which can enhance your profile instantly.


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