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Here, as promised, a selection of the aesthetic treatments on offer at Dr Camilla Hill’s beautiful clinic in Worcestershire. Or rather, a slightly more digestible selection of the problems that can be fixed there…


Dr Camilla Hill

As you would expect from any partner of HIS Hair Clinic, Dr. Hill operates at the very top end of her industry. Let’s face it, this is an industry with a broad spectrum of operators. From the chancers offering treatments in your own home on the basis of a certificate they downloaded from the internet and some YouTube training, to high street salons that started out offering tanning and now provide everything from whiter teeth to glittering fingernails, oh and the occasional medical procedure. Dr. Camilla Hill is a fully qualified medical and aesthetics doctor with 17 years experience as a local GP. That background qualifies her perfectly to make robust assessments during her consultations, which are free, taking into account all existing medical conditions. The result is a treatment plan that is entirely appropriate, every time. For some that will mean no treatment plan, just reassurance. But what you get, and in perfect keeping with the ethos of HIS Hair, is an honest appraisal of your condition and the right advice on what needs to be done. If anything does. 

What Do You See First In The Mirror

Our eyes are drawn to our perceived shortcomings. Whether it is the bags under your eyes or those ever deepening frown lines on your forehead, we all have something we would put top of our list if we were offered a free fix for one thing. By partnering with HIS Hair, Dr. Hill’s clinic has completed that list of options to include addressing hair loss. In return, HIS Hair have gone from having a fantastic hair loss treatment to being able to offer a solution for just about every conceivable aesthetic shortcoming you can think of, or look at, every day, on your own face, in your own mirror.

A Younger You

We are almost certainly preaching to the converted when talking to our SMP clients, they are already convinced about the ability of a treatment to make a profound change to both how they look and how that makes them feel about themselves. The fact is that relieving yourself of the burden that is fixating on a perceived shortcoming is a liberating experience.

Once you have had your free consultation the details of appropriate treatments will be explained to you. It is possible that more than one might be recommended to achieve optimum results.

Younger clients are increasingly both aware of the potential for improvement and willing to do something about it – including the boys. They might report with acne, warts, moles or skin tags. All are very treatable. As is Rosacea. Patients present with the full range of conditions associated with the passage of time.  They will point to scraggy necks, crows feet, bags under the eyes, jowls… or some combination of those. Even some surprising, to us, conditions can be addressed. Those dark circles under the eyes, along with the hollows they sit in, can be rejuvenated. Eyelids that have, over the years, developed their own gravity and become hoods for the eyes can be improved. As can lips that have lost their fullness. Oh, and you can get tattoos you have fallen out of love with removed. 

HIS Hair Clinic

We cannot overstate how delighted we are to partner with Dr. Camilla Hill. Her reputation as an outstanding aesthetic doctor is rooted in her extensive GP experience, the expertise and understanding gained there perfectly shapes her to make sympathetic but accurate assessments on what might achieve the best possible outcomes.

We have covered the clinic and the conditions they treat, which leaves the treatments on offer… stay tuned for more on that. In the meantime, please click here to visit Dr. Hills site.


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