What is Intragen Shampoo?

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Intragen is a shampoo and (depending on the package) transdermal patch product formally associated with Revlon, that provides a natural formula to fight hair loss and restore natural hair growth to the scalp

There are a great number of so-called hair loss shampoos out there including products from Revivogen and Nanogen. Some of these products seem to offer some benefits, whilst others clearly do not.

The new kid on the block is Intragen shampoo, so we did a little digging to see what we could unearth on this product.

Reviews of Intragen products tend to stress four or five mechanisms that contribute to hair loss – i.e., free radicals that reduce the quality of hair received, lack of oxygen to the hair, a reduction in the growth of new hair, and a reduction in the amount of oil normally produced by healthier hair.

Hair loss issues include hormonal problems that slow hair growth. The Intragen 5 complex attempts to address each of these factors in a synergistic fashion by blocking the hormone that may reduce the rate of hair growth, protecting capillary cells from premature aging, encourage greater oxygenation and cellular nutrition to the hair cells, multiplying the amount of new cells created that can produce hair growth, and control the oil production that can block healthy hair growth.

What about the Intragen patch?

The transdermal hair patch works to introduce substances into the deep layers of skin that attack the primary hair loss factors. This is part of a two-pronged attack of the problem, the other being shampoo itself, so that both the root area for hair growth as well as existing follicles are both addressed. The result should in theory be increased hair density and resistance to any further hair loss, followed by (in the best cases) a partial or significant reversal in the direction of hair growth.

Intragen buttresses its claims regarding the efficacy of these technologies by mentioning case studies that have verified wide consumer satisfaction with the product. One independent company surveyed the results and testimonials of 290 people of both genders afflicted with alopecia who tried out the system for two months. After the first month, 69% had very high opinion of the patch and its effectiveness, 75% reported increased hair density, 70% advised they had stronger hair, and most important having less greasy hair, or that the product was the most practical anti-hair loss protocol.

In all seriousness, reviews are nowhere near as numerous as for other similar products, most likely because Intragen is so new. For this reason it is difficult to verify real world results until more such reviews become available.

What is in this shampoo?

The natural substances making up the Intragen 5 complex who extracts from hops, rosemary, semburi, along with silicon and panthenol compounds. The typical package for the product contains 30 patches and a shampoo bottle, in a cardboard case, whose materials are designed to be suitable to treat one person’s hair loss for four weeks, although the optimal treatment time frame is two months.

There are no known side effects, interactions or contraindications for using the product, since the natural ingredients do not interfere with other therapeutic treatments of subject may be undergoing. The normal warnings for use of topically administered product applied – is for external use only, use was directed, keep in a cool dry place, the do not put a patch on damaged skin only on the body for more than a day, and see if an ingredient in its may induce an allergic response.

It’s possible for Intragen to be used in conjunction with other anti-hair loss treatments, or even therapeutic formulas that do directly attempt to stimulate hair growth. The point behind transdermal patches on provide one specific avenue for the compounds to reach the body, while leaving open other products such as creams and lotions, or ampoule products to be additionally applied if desired to complement the activity of Intragen. Anti-hair growth formulas generally recommended for those undergoing chemotherapy, since the existence of hair on the scalp may complicate treatment for cancer.

In summation, it is simply too early to say exactly how good this product really is. If anyone decides to buy Intragen and can offer any unbiased feedback, we would love to hear from you.

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