Using germ warfare in the fight against hair loss

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One of the latest theories in hair loss research is the use of probiotics to help reduce hair loss. In particular, the Lactobacillus strain that can be found in beers, yogurts and cheeses along with other fermented foods. The idea is that this will help with the reduction of inflammation to the hair follicles.

When the follicles are damaged they start to shrink and can no longer hold the hair shafts. This in turn can lead to hair thinning and baldness.

The use of probiotics will not help the hair to regrow but with a combination of a good diet and exercise as well as probiotics it could help to reduce hair loss and help to produce healthy hair. A healthy body is the best way to a healthy head of hair and if stress, illness and environmental factors could be taken away then the hair would stay in a healthy condition. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done and will not happen. The use of natural remedies to ‘cure’ hair loss is becoming popular but it is not normally the remedy itself that helps return natural balance but a mixture of several factors.

Finding the underlying cause of the hair loss is the most important factor. Illness and medication can upset the hormonal balance of the body which in turn prevents the nutrients required to produce good hair follicles reaching the scalp. Once the illness is cured and the medication is stopped hair will normally start to grow again. During this period it is essential to eat a well balanced diet to help with the body’s recovery.

The makeup of hair consists of dead protein, sulphur and water and by ensuring these are included in a diet it will increase the health of the hair. Protein can be found in beans, meat and fish and will help strengthen the cortex in the follicle, vegetables such as broccoli are high in sulphur which can help to strengthen hair and is a good detox not just for the hair but also other organs in the body such as the liver. Water is essential to keep a good flow of blood to the scalp and helps to prevent dehydration which can have adverse on the body. What happens in the body affects the health of the hair.

Inflammation of the hair follicles is one of the main factors that prevent the hair shafts from growing and this can be caused by a variety of conditions. The use of some hair products can have a detrimental effect on the scalp and therefore hair follicles. They can start itching and flaking of the scalp which in turn causes the follicles to shrink. The use of natural products has been seen to help as well as the use of probiotics. It is important to understand the cause before preventative measures are taken.

Although more research is being done into how hair loss can be prevented there are products on the market that have been proven to help with hair loss and are approved by the FDA. Propecia is taken in tablet form and helps to block DHT which is a known factor in genetic hair loss conditions. It will help prevent further hair loss but on its own will not help with further regrowth. This can be achieved with the other approved medication Minoxidil which is rubbed into the scalp daily. With both of these medications, once the treatment is stopped then the hair loss could restart. It is not a permanent solution however. For the majority of users these drugs do not work, and many thousands of users have reported side effects ranging from itching to impotence.

Hair loss can cause stress which in turn will aggravate the condition and so it is vital to find the source of the initial cause. There is no doubt that a good healthy diet along with exercise will help as the body is healthy and has the nutrients the scalp requires to produce healthy hair follicles. Other natural products have been found to help in certain situations, but as no two people are the same it is important to use a method which suits the individual. A consultation with an expert is always advisable.

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