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Alopecia and regular hair loss has many causes. Genetics is certainly one of them. Stress is a common contributor and over time can increase the rate of hair loss. A poor diet deprives the body of essential nutrients that gives hair its healthy sheen and roots. This may lead to its slow hair fall. An unhealthy lifestyle can certainly ramp up hair loss. This is more prevalent in smokers.

Products have been introduced to try to curb this ailment. There are also some that have been developed to stop it entirely. Hopeful individuals have tried mixing and matching these remedies along with medical procedures and pharmaceutical drugs. These have helped decrease the rate of hair loss. There are some approaches that are less radical than others, however.

One such approach is the use of anti hair loss shampoos. It is cheaper and less invasive than medical procedures. Its widespread use is buoyed by its no nonsense ease of application. Any adverse effects are extremely few and far in between. How can you go wrong with shampoo right?

The simplicity of the solution calls into question its effectiveness. Can an anti hair loss shampoo really help combat alopecia? The effortlessness in its application could be a reason why some people may doubt its advertised pledge. One has to keep in mind the saying: “You get what you pay for.” Comparing its effectiveness with other more advanced and expensive procedures available in the market may prove to be unrealistic. A shampoo is after all, just a shampoo. These products do work. One would just have to manage their expectations about it. It should also be given a sufficient amount of time before one could notice any obvious benefits.

Which anti hair loss shampoo brands come most recommended?

b3-shampooA distinction must be made on the kind of anti hair loss shampoo that is under discussion. It is not the over the counter, hair thickener kind that one could generally buy at the local grocery store. The products that are under consideration are highly specialised solutions whose creation is entirely devoted to a campaign to prevent hair loss. The United Kingdom counts Nanogen Nanoguard as well as Revivogen among its top picks in its drive against hair loss.

Nanogen is the company that produces Nanogen Nanoguard. Its lab is located in the United Kingdom and they offer a wide array of anti hair loss solutions. While it cannot totally eliminate hair loss, Nanogen promotes it as a product that can aid in its reduction. The manufacturer endorses Nanoguard to be used with their other product, Nanogaine. The feedback gathered from use of Nanogaine is not quite significant. There are only a few clients that have actually tested it out. The reader is free to experience the product on their own and see how beneficial it is as an anti hair loss solution.

The other anti hair loss shampoo is Revivogen. This product is created using ingredients from natural sources. It is promoted to prevent hair loss and not just reduce its onset. There are a number of patrons that attest to its effectiveness. It has moderate results though they differ from client to client. All however, have provided only positive feedback for Revivogen.

Should these products be given a try?

Yes possibly, as they can hamper the progression of hair loss in some cases. The results may not be the same as everyone is different, and the degree of its benefits can only be discovered if the person tries it himself. Either way, the cost is relatively low and side effects are virtually non-existent. Just remember to give it a few months before making a judgment about a product like this, and have realistic expectations.


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