Does Toppik Hair Building Shampoo really make thinning hair look thicker?

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A bold claim from the concealer manufacturer, but can this shampoo really deliver the results it promises?

Toppik Hair Building ShampooHair products are growing in numbers every single day. Hundreds and hundreds of new types of shampoos, masks, powders or dyes are being produced, but we cannot possibly expect that all of them would do what they promise to do. Actually, some of them would practically do nothing; others would do something whereas still others might make a huge change in your appearance. That is why you should be really careful when choosing the product you intend to use because otherwise you may just waste your time with something that wouldn’t help you manage the problem that is bothering you.

Toppik hair building shampoo is one of these hair products. It works by adding some keratin, the protein which is the building material for your hair, to your scalp and hair. By doing this it also creates special links between the hairs and the added keratin and in that way the hair looks much thicker than it actually is. What’s more, it aids the reparation and nourishment processes of your hair and strengthens the existing hairs. The product is said to be an innovation in this niche and it is also said to make a huge modification to the way you look. Even though it really is an innovation, it is not that much of a ‘game-changer’ for your hair.

However, this is what the manufacturer promises to their client. In fact, the product really works but the change is not at all that big. Yes, it might make your hair look a little bit thicker but it wouldn’t turn a bald person into someone with hair as thick as if it has come out of a shampoo commercial. Some people are really disappointed by this exaggeration because they really like the product but they don’t like the fact that it promises something it cannot do.

If you want to make a change for your hair, then the Toppik hair building shampoo would help you a little but it would certainly not be able to totally change your hair’s appearance. The product is easy to use – you just have to apply it to your hair and a couple of minutes later the keratin would have formed the structure it is supposed to. In that way it would look as if you have more hairs than you actually do.

As a summary, it can be said that the Toppik hair building shampoo is a good product but it is far from being a remarkable product. Some reviews are more favourable however, so we’ll leave you to make a judgment for yourselves.


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