Seeing is believing: what to expect during a HIS Open Day event

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Article written by Nate Ward – HIS Hair Clinic Los Angeles


Whether you’re just starting your research or just need that one final assurance to move forward, a HIS Hair Open Day event is a perfect occasion to learn more about we can do for you.

Set against the backdrop of a casual cocktail party-like atmosphere, a HIS Hair Open Day event allows for you to come in and see the inner workings of our innovative hair loss solution.

So what can you anticipate with attending one of our Open Days?

Have a question? Who better to ask than the pioneers and founders of the MHT treatment? Our CEOs, Ian and Ranbir, will be in attendance for each one of our events, anywhere in the world. Each Open Day will provide you with the chance to ask them any questions you have about HIS Hair, the MHT treatment, and hair loss in general. How many other international companies allow such direct access to the public and potential clients?

You’ve seen the photos, read the case studies, and watched the YouTube videos, but it’s not the same as seeing the MHT treatment up close and in person. When you come in for one of our Open Days, you will always have the chance to see what our scalp pigmentation looks like. Past clients with different skin tones, MHT shades and hairlines will be present and able to answer questions about their experience.

With visiting us on an Open Day, you’ll also have the opportunity to tour our facilities and meet our staff. HIS Hair prides itself in strategically selecting our facility locations in major metropolitan areas. No matter which city you visit, chances are you’ve already heard of the neighborhood or street where we’re located.

Each office has been designed to foster a comfortable and professional atmosphere for all of your visits. When attending an Open Day event, be sure to take the time to wander about the office and see where you could be potentially spending a few hours with us.

By booking an appointment to attend our Open Day, you are guaranteed an audience with one of our consultation specialists. During this one-on-one session, not only will you be able to talk through the details of the procedure, but you will be provided with a personally tailored treatment plan and a price quote.

Everyone and anyone is invited to one of our events, however, appointments are needed to meet with our consultation specialists.

To book, send your contact information to with contact information requesting an appointment for the Open Day and one of our client coordinators will be sure to contact you.


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