MHT Reversal Update

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HIS Hair Clinics is pleased to announce that we are currently developing a new and improved MHT reversal procedure.

Despite the fact that HIS have only ever received two requests to remove an MHT treatment after completion, we feel it is important for our clients to know that an effective removal method is available, should they change their mind after the procedure.

Our original removal method was originally designed to reverse the work of inexperienced, unqualified individuals attempting to replicate our technique, including permanent makeup practitioners and regular tattoo artists. For example, see Raphaels story.

The method involved the introduction of a solution into the dermal layer of the skin, to break down and remove the pigment. We are now improving the process by using specialist laser therapy options, and initial trials are currently underway.

For more information about our MHT reversal technique and for the latest updates, please see our MHT removal post in our forum. We also publish the information on our treatment removal page.


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