Has this company created the pharmaceutical fountain of youth?

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pillsNo man likes the idea of going bald, whether they may suit it or not, and now the day may have come where we never have to even consider the possibility of it. Two drugs have dominated the hair loss market over the past decade, but one team of scientists believes this is about to change.

The pharmaceutical research company Samumed has revealed it has successfully completed the trial of a new drug that reverses hair loss in men.

The company have created a drug, called SM04554, that is designed to help combat androgenetic alopecia – commonly known as male pattern baldness, but is becoming more common in women as well as men. As many as 35 million men in the US are affected by baldness and SM04554 could be an ideal solution to this problem.

How Does SM04554 Work?

The drug is a topical solution of the molecule compound SM04554 and what it does is open up the signaling pathways in the body’s cells. By keeping these pathways open, it allows the body to initiate and maintain the growth phase of the hair cycles. The solution looks to directly target these pathways because it is believed that they are responsible for androgenetic alopecia.

What The Trial Showed

SM04554’s trial test was on men between the ages of 18 and 55. The 300 participants were split into three groups; one was give n a placebo, another a 0.15 percent solution of SM04554 and the final was given a 0.25 percent solution.

Each of the participants took the drug for 90 days and then had a post-treatment follow up 45 days later. As you might expect, the placebo group was found to have a lower hair count and density, but the group who were given the 0.15 per cent solution had a significantly higher increase in hair count and density.


The results of the trial show that SM04554 is a safe and potentially effective treatment of balding. There is still work to be done, but we could soon be seeing more competition in the hair loss drug market.


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