Hair Today…India’s Hair Transplant Surgeons Unite Against “Fly by Night” Operators

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IndiaHair surgeons in India have come together to try to stop fly by night operators. The number of failed hair transplants has grown significantly in recent years due to unqualified, fly by night operators.

Fed up with the damage it’s doing to their business, hair transplant surgeons have now written to the medical council to enforce stricter rules to eliminate the problem.

Unqualified and unhealthy practices now a major issue

It’s no secret that hair transplants are one of the more expensive forms of hair loss treatments available. The number of people turning to hair transplants has increased significantly over the past few years. This has attracted many fly by night operators who aren’t even properly qualified to carry out the procedure.

Of course, this has led to many patients suffering failed hair transplants and it’s damaging the reputation of the industry. This in turn is affecting the livelihood of India’s leading hair transplant surgeons and they’ve now had enough.

It isn’t just that the hair transplants are failing, it’s that they are often being carried out using unhealthy practices. The Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons India (AHRSI) has now written to the Medical Council of India, as well as placed warnings on their websites. However, despite the fact that many of these operators are putting patients’ lives at risk, the Medical Council of India is yet to do anything about it.

Mobile hair transplant operators a particular problem

As well as a significant increase in the amount of hair transplant clinics opening up throughout the country, there’s also been a particular rise in mobile hair transplants. These are offered at extremely low prices, but largely offer ineffective results. The procedures carried out by those who aren’t properly qualified, also end up causing damage to the area where the hair has been taken.

The Medical Council does claim it is working on curbing the problem, but action will not be taken until they have met up with the AHRSI.

While fly by night operators are a major issue in India, they can also be found in other parts of the world too. If you’re thinking of having a hair transplant, it’s important to ensure you are using an experienced, qualified surgeon.


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