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“A Birmingham entrepreneur is setting up a hair salon to offer a way to help men cope with the stress of hair loss.

The Hairloss Improvement Studio (HIS) in the Jewellery Quarter, says it can use “micro-pigmentation” techniques to create the kind of “buzz” cut sported by fashion icons like David Beckham.

And although the solution might sound bizarre, the owners of the studio said tattooing can give natural and convincing results, recreating the perfect hairline to disguise bald patches.

The studio, on Hall Street, is run by Ian Watson and his sister-in-law Ranbir.

Founder and managing director Mr Watson first started looking into ways to deal with hair loss when he developed alopecia following the death of his brother.

“My confidence was severely affected as a result of my hair loss,” he said.

“I developed our unique cosmetic camouflage techniques following an inspirational idea and intensive training in Australia.

“Together with my sister-in-law, Ranbir, we have spent many years refining our treatment and have successfully worked at a clinic in London’s Harley Street and in partnership with a number of leading specialists in hair restoration and hair replacement treatments.

“We set up HIS in Birmingham because we passionately want to help anyone who is suffering from hair loss, including cancer patients and as the business grows will be offering franchise opportunities.

“Julius Caesar used wreaths to hide his thinning scalp and the French King Louis XIV wore elaborate wigs which weighed fifteen to twenty pounds apiece.

“Now we hope that those who are follically challenged will turn to HIS.”

Micro pigmentation is a specialist form of medical tattooing which uses “cosmetic camouflage” techniques to provide a remedy for hair loss.

It uses computer equipment to design and perform the treatment, which ensures accurate needle penetration into the dermal layer of the skin to insert a pigment.

The technique was developed by HIS, which claims to be the first company in the UK to offer the new treatment.

And the service is not just for men. While Mr Watson offers a dedicated service to men helping with all forms of hair loss, his sister-in-law helps women who want to restore eyebrows that may have been lost, or who want to thicken eyelashes or define lips.

Mr Watson said cosmetic treatment could raise confidence for men struggling with the trauma that can be caused by losing hair, particularly as a result of diseases or cancer tretaments.

He said it also suits naturally balding men or those who buzz their hair closely as it complements a trendy clean-shaven look.

At least 40 per cent of men have noticeable hair loss by age 35 and 65 per cent by age 60 which has both psychological and emotional effects, he added.

As well as the studio in the Jewellery Quarter, Hairloss Improvement Studio’s cosmetic hair loss and other treatments are also available at a number of UK Saks Hair and Beauty salons across the region including those in Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield and Bromsgrove.”


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