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As part of our continued commitment to improving customer service standards in all our clinics, a pilot survey has revealed that our Birmingham SMP clinic is ticking all the right boxes.

Any business faces challenges from a customer service point of view, especially one that is growing as fast as HIS Hair Clinic.

Following feedback from our customers, we have implemented a number of enhancements to our previous client satisfaction program including extended contact hours, improved communication and the introduction of our new live chat facility.

For our Birmingham clients, we have recently moved from our previous location in Harborne to new purpose designed premises on Hagley Road, right outside Birmingham city centre. Our new location doubles as our international headquarters and is more than twice the size of our previous location.

Our customer satisfaction survey

Further to our commitment to enhance service standards, we implemented a questionnaire that was completed by all clients who visited our new Birmingham clinic, during a four week period at the end of 2013. This questionnaire was anonymous in nature and the results were collated as follows:

We are pleased with the findings of our client questionnaire, as it demonstrates that our clients generally approve of our new facility in Birmingham, and are impressed by the facilities on offer. Whilst we understand that there are still some areas for improvement, we can now use these findings as a benchmark for future surveys, so that we can measure improvement over time.

If you have any questions about our questionnaire, please feel free to contact us.


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