Gurnham's Case Study

Half Treatment

SMP® treatment has transformed the way that Gurnam views himself and life in general. He’s gone from constantly worrying about what his head looks like to feeling completely at ease with a clean-cut, stylish, buzzed look.

“I don’t know how others feel when they start to lose their hair but it really hit me quite hard, on quite a few levels. I completely lost the top of my hair – and my confidence with it. I had treatment to restore my full hairline and I like to leave it with a day or so’s growth of my own hair, so that everything blends in really well. Someone could run their hand over my head now and not notice at all that I haven’t just come back from getting a buzz cut.
I’m now much more gregarious, I’m out on my bike, I don’t wear my cap anymore… I’m much more confident in terms of going out and meeting people. The internal me is now also the external me. It’s such a great shift in how I see myself. To me, it just looks really natural now. It’s a very trendy look, it’s very easy to maintain, it gives a very clean-cut look, and it just works with the type of person I am. The fact that I don’t even think about my hair any more is priceless to me.”
Watch Gurnham’s testimonial video: