Your hair transplant options on Harley Street, London

Hair Transplant Surgery
Harley Street in London

If you’re looking for a hair transplant surgeon on Harley Street, many clinics are available, however you should also consider the alternatives.

Harley Street in LondonSome people joke that they might go bald one day, but the harsh reality is that most of us (men anyway) will do at some point. Baldness has always been a major problem, especially for men, but modern life makes this an even greater problem. Our daily routines are filled with stress, medications, smoking, sleep deprivation, pollution and often a lack of a proper nutrition.

These are all factors that, along with genetics, lead to hair loss problems even in young people. And as most people know, hair loss is not just a physical condition. It is also something that affects one’s self esteem. There are hundreds of documented cases of depression due to hair loss.

On Harley Street in London the most famous clinic is probably the Private Clinic. It specialises in hair loss problems, hair transplants and general hair restoration. It is also said that many of the celebrities that have had hair transplants have it done in the Private Clinic on Harley Street. There are however a number of other clinics including Restore and Farjo.

Before one undergoes a procedure they should always have an awareness of the techniques that are used. The first thing to do is make an appointment. After that you would visit your surgeon that would make a thorough assessment of the condition of your scalp, your hair and your hair follicles. Then the surgeon would tailor a specific treatment for you and it is really important that you do everything your physician tells you to. In that way you would really reduce any chance of complications and you would recover much faster.

Surgical techniques usually lead to a much thicker hair which is obviously the desired effect. However, this is not always achieved and scars are an unfortunate by-product of surgery. The techniques are quite advanced nowadays and these scars are getting smaller and less visible, however they are still an essential consideration. What will you do later on when your hair is too thin to hide these scars, or to provide enough donor hair fpor another transplant?

What is the alternative to surgery?

There are three truly viable options – a hair system, pills and potions or scalp micropigmentation.

The first is beyond the scope of this article, and the second is covered by numerous posts in our blog. Scalp micropigmentation is our specialism, in fact we were the first company in the world to offer SMP, performing the first commercially available treatment in 2002.

HIS Hair Clinic operate a location on Harley Street in London. Our address is as follows:

HIS Hair London
100 Harley Street

Tel: 0845 6044618


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