The original face of the hair transplant, Shane Warne shows off new beard

Hair Transplant Surgery

Shane_Warne_February_2015Hair transplants have become a popular thing for famous faces. While most associate the procedure with Wayne Rooney, it was actually Shane Warne who started the trend. Not only has he been undergoing hair loss treatment since 2006, but he’s also become a spokesperson for the Australian based Advanced Hair Studio.

Over the years he’s become particularly well-known for posting pretty creepy selfies. However, his latest is posing the question of whether he’ll consider undergoing a beard transplant. The most recent selfie shows off his “salt and pepper” beard, and he’s asking his loyal fans if he should shave it off.

Could a beard transplant be on the cards?

With his love of hair transplant treatment abundantly clear, it wouldn’t be surprising if Warne opted to undergo a beard transplant. He’s very particular about his facial hair and from the latest selfie is clearly concerned about the signs of ageing.

Beard transplants are fast gaining in popularity, with 4500 carried out in the UK in 2013. Since then they’ve grown even more popular, though they do come at an expensive price. The money wouldn’t be a problem for Warne though and a beard transplant would give him another excuse to post a selfie (as if he needs one).

Why are beard transplants so popular?

Beard transplants have increased in popularity as around 45% of men in the UK find it difficult to grow a full beard. Beards are very much on trend right now and have developed a very masculine image.

The technique works very much like a hair transplant, taking hairs from a donor site and placing them into the chin area. If a patient is bald on top, or has very little hair available, the chest or back could be better donor sites.

Overall beard transplants are definitely the ‘in thing’ right now so it wouldn’t be surprising in the slightest if Warne was one of the first sportsmen to undergo the procedure.


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