The dangers of cheap hair transplants

Hair Transplant Surgery

There have been many instances where a buyer is led into purchasing something for a lower price thinking that its quality is relatively the same as a full priced original. An example would be purchasing a used car. While it may be true that it can function just as well as any other automobile, it may also be more susceptible to damage. Wear and tear has already set in and there is a greater possibility that certain components of this car would break down faster than a newly purchased vehicle. The main benefit that the owner gets from this is that it is cheaper to acquire. Will it truly cost less in the long run however? The cost to repair it is not the only factor to be thought of but the time and opportunity lost to do other things should be taken into consideration as well.
A cheap hair transplant clinic
The same thing goes for cheaper services, including hair transplant surgery. Should a person charge for a service lower than what is commonly held out in the market, the potential client would probably want to inquire as to the reason why. The work might suffer from inexperience, lack of materials or outright deception. There is of course, the chance that a quality service provider is happy to offer such services at a lower cost than the market. In any case however, the prospective client should be mindful to do some adequate research in the form of inquiries and past feedback before entering into any commitment.
This is something that should be done especially if the service is a medical procedure. In such cases, the monetary aspect takes a back seat to the health and well being of the client. The risk of anything hazardous is not worth any potential discount a person can receive from a cheaper service.
Hair transplants involve a surgical operation upon a patient’s scalp. This is an invasive procedure that extracts a strip of skin from the back of the head to be divided into grafts and implanted into the balding areas. Directly extracting healthy hair follicles and transplanting them to thinning regions of the scalp is also another method that can be performed. There have been many successful procedures in the past though it is important to note that any potential risks should be minimised due to the nature of the medical process.
It cannot be denied that there have been quite a few untoward incidents that have resulted from hair transplant surgery. This could involve numbness caused by nerve damage from a misplaced incision or implantation. Infections can also occur when the tools, facilities and surgeon himself are unsanitary for failure to follow a stringent procedure for cleanliness. Allergic reactions to the local anesthesia may also result, causing complications to the heart or the central nervous system if there was no effort to find out if the patient was possibly susceptible to it. Scarring while common in any hair transplant surgery should be minimised and its potential exposure limited. Taking donor hair follicles should be done in areas where the scarring it leaves behind may be covered by existing hair that is unlikely to recede even if the alopecia has progressed further. Rejection of the transplants while not considered as a health risk, could result in a lot of wasted time and money. These are among the most common circumstances to consider before undergoing surgery.
Getting a cheap hair transplant further magnifies the danger of being exposed to such risks. There are certain processes and standards that should be adhered to when performing something of good quality. This would almost certainly be bypassed in order to save on costs to provide the service at a cheaper rate. The lower-priced hair transplant surgery cannot be equated to a regular procedure that has safety guidelines in place. There is simply no excuse to put anybody’s health at risk in exchange for supposed savings.


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