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A facial hair transplant can help you emulate the best celebrity beards

A facial hair transplant can help you emulate the best celebrity beardsWith the cold weather now well and truly upon us, there has never been a better time to embrace facial hair!

The facial hair trend has become huge in recent years, as more men than ever before focus on obtaining the perfect beard. Seen as the ultimate “manly” symbol, those who cannot grow one naturally are resorting to more extreme measures, such as facial hair transplants to help them achieve the perfect look.

If you’re thinking of heading out to get a transplant, here we’ll look at some of the best celebrity facial hair to give you a little inspiration.

Top celebrity facial hair inspiration

So, which celebs are setting the facial hair trend this year? First up is Robert Downey Jr. The actor keeps it simple with a perfectly manicured Hollywood beard. It’s simple to achieve and requires very little maintenance. A little trim to the sideburns and the chin and you can sport the same goatee style beard as this suave Hollywood icon.

Next up is Ryan Gosling. Again, sporting a goatee style beard, this look is again great for those seeking a low maintenance style. Referred to as a boxed beard, it gives you both a short moustache and beard, creating a square, professional look.

Fancy something a little more dramatic? Then follow Pierce Brosnan’s impressive ducktail design. Consisting of a full moustache and a well-groomed beard similar in shape to a duck’s tail, this style looks especially great on men sporting a salt and pepper look.

Get the look you crave with a facial hair transplant

If you’re not blessed enough to grow your own beard, help is available in the form of a facial hair transplant. What’s great about a beard transplant is you can literally get the look you crave instantly. Once you’ve got your celebrity inspiration, take a photo to the clinic and the surgeon will get to work to re-create the stylish design.

Overall, winter is the best time to try out new and wonderful facial hair designs. Facial hair transplants have made it possible for any man to achieve the beard of their dreams.


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