Raising standards: US hair surgeons unite

Hair Transplant Surgery

doctorsHeartening hair-loss industry news from the United States of America: a collective of US and Canadian experts have banded together to form The North American Society for Hair Restoration (NASHR), in an attempt to self-regulate the profession and become the leading authority on hair restoration on that continent.

Setting the bar high

Created by Dr Stephen Ronan, considered one of the top ten surgeons in the country, NASHR’s goals are manifold. According to a recent press release, membership will only be offered to surgeons with experience in plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery and dermatology, in an attempt to ease the unqualified practitioners out of the picture and set a high bar for membership.

“Over the years it has concerned me that physicians without formal training in the aesthetic industry and without formal training in hair restoration surgery have been performing these procedures,” claimed Dr Ronan.

“This often results in less than desirable results for the patients suffering from hair loss. We think that if you’re not trained in one of those core fields, then you need to stick at what you’re trained to do.”

Education, Education, Education

An equally important goal is to increase and improve public awareness on hair-transplant issues and procedures.

One key NASHR aim will be to drill home the importance of physician training in the core aesthetic fields, and update the public on the latest developments and innovations on the hair-loss front, and make it easier for prospective clients to pursue every available option in their search for the right treatment.

Although the official, recently-launched website is sparse at the moment, the launch of a non-profit organisation of industry professionals could be a key development, and one that we’ll be following with interest.


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