Jae Pak, MD – Hair restoration surgeon in Los Angeles

Hair Transplant Surgery

Based at the New Hair Institute in Los Angeles, California, Dr Jae Pak is one of the leading hair restoration and transplant surgeons in the area.

Hair loss and baldness have become huge problems for our society. One in three men has some kind of hair loss problem, which makes millions of men around the globe. These problems are usually inevitable – there is nothing one can do in order to prevent it and mainly due to genetic reasons. However, the rest of the factors defining hair loss can be removed from our daily routines – smoking, some medications, stress and many more.

However, even though there is a little chance one can keep their hair with following these simple rules, some people still end up losing more hair and eventually they are what we term as bald. Fortunately, these conditions are now treatable and there are more and more hair restoration surgeons which makes these services more and more accessible for most people.

Dr Jae Pak is a surgeon who has devoted a great part of his life to treating people with different hair loss problems and medical conditions leading to it. He lives in Los Angeles, CA, and he has been an ISHRS member since 2007.

Dr Pak has been working together with Dr William Rassman for more than 10 years so far. Their collaboration, along with their knowledge of both medicine and engineering, has lead to the development of many new hair transplant techniques, automation of the process and a total change in the instruments used. They have pioneered some of the techniques that are routinely used nowadays by hair restoration surgeons all over the world. However, the techniques are not the only thing they have improved. They have also incorporated a lot of technological devices in the surgical process. All of the devices and instruments they have incorporated are aimed at making the surgery easier for the surgeon and less traumatic for the patients. As a result, this has reduced the time for those surgeries and has increased the success rate of these procedures.

Are there alternatives to surgery?

Although Dr Pak and his team offer an excellent service to those looking for surgery, there are many options available to those in Los Angeles who are suffering with hair loss, including a range of other hair restoration surgeons, hair system specialists and retailers of products such as minoxidil and finasteride.

HIS Hair Clinic operate a dedicated location in LA on Santa Monica Boulevard, offering our pioneering scalp micropigmentation treatments hair male hair loss. For more information please learn about our treatment, our company, see our video library and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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