Get the Beard of Your Dreams

Hair Transplant Surgery

beard-319331_960_720When you think about hair loss and problems with hair growth, you typically associate it with the hair on your head. However, there are many men who struggle to grow a beard. If you’ve been desperate to get the beard of your dreams, a beard transplant could be the answer.

What is a beard transplant?

Beard transplants work exactly the same way a hair transplant does. It’s minimally invasive and involves taking some hair from the top of your head and grafting it onto the problem areas of the beard. Some men require more hair than others. For example, if you’re hoping to achieve a goatee, you’ll roughly need around 1,500 hairs. If you want a full, thick beard on the other hand, you’ll need around 4,000 hairs.

However many hairs you need transplanted onto the beard, it will usually be done in one single procedure. This means the amount of time the transplant takes will vary from 2-5 hours. So you will need to take a day off work to get it done.

The procedure itself costs up to $7,000 US (that’s around £5,000). So just like a hair transplant, it is an expensive solution. However, the results are fantastic. You can even take a picture of a particular beard you’re looking to achieve and the surgeon can replicate it perfectly.

One thing to keep in mind is that the transplanted hairs fall out after around two weeks. This is completely normal and they will grow back properly after three months. So for long-term results you do need to give it some time.

Beard transplants have become increasingly popular, with 4,500 men undergoing the procedure in 2012.

Taking care of your new beard

Getting the beard of your dreams is only the first step to achieving the look. You also need to ensure you’re taking care of it. If you’ve opted for a full beard, it should be taken care of exactly how you take care of your hair up top. Shampoo it frequently to ensure you eliminate any build-up such as food crumbs and to ensure it is smooth and tangle-free.

You’ll also need to ensure you invest in a good trimmer that has a single blade. If you’ve opted for a simple stubble look, it’s important to take care of your sideburns. These will typically grow much faster than the rest of your hair so will need to be trimmed and maintained.

Overall a beard transplant could be the answer to get the beard of your dreams. It may be expensive, but the results and confidence boost are definitely worthwhile.


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