Facial hair loss: the lowdown

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Facial hair loss - the lowdown

Facial hair loss - the lowdownWhen you think about hair loss, typically you associate it with the hair on your scalp. However, did you know you can also start to lose it on your face too?

Many men have experienced losing small patches of their beard, with some finding it grows back silver or white. This can obviously be very worrying, but it isn’t unusual and the good news is, there are things you can do to either reduce the amount of hair lost, or to regrow and cover it up.

Here you’ll discover everything you need to know about facial hair loss and how a beard transplant might be the answer.

What causes facial hair loss?

Unlike the hair on the scalp, facial hair loss is rarely associated with conditions such as male pattern baldness. There are several things that can trigger hair loss on the face, including stress, genetics, and nutrient deficiencies.

Most of the time, a trip to the GP isn’t required unless the hair loss is accompanied by red, scaly patches of skin. However, it’s always worth getting the problem checked out by either a doctor or a hair loss specialist. This is because it could be caused by an autoimmune disease, though it is rare and if this is the cause, medications will usually clear it up.

Will a beard transplant help?

Whatever the reason, it is possible to treat facial hair loss and a beard transplant is becoming a popular option. Just like a hair transplant, donor hairs are inserted into the beard, where they’ll latch on and grow.

The results of a beard transplant are usually long-lasting and they come with the added benefit of allowing you to choose the shape of your beard, rather than just covering it up. The results are also usually instant, so you’ll benefit from a full, thick beard right after the procedure.

Overall, facial hair loss is more common than you might think and it can be treated. If you’re worried, why not seek advice from a hair loss specialist and see whether a beard transplant could be the right option for you.


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