10 things you should know about beard transplants

Hair Transplant Surgery
beard transplant

Here’s everything you need to know about the increasingly popular procedure, the beard transplant:

  1. beard transplantWhat is a beard transplant? If you can get a hair transplant, there’s no reason why that hair can’t be taken from or placed in any other part of your body that needs it. Hair from areas of your head that are resistant to male pattern balding can be removed and typically is, in a standard hair transplant, but that hair can also be grafted onto areas of your face where hair is conspicuous in its absence. Even chest hair can be transplanted onto the face to create a fuller looking beard or moustache.
  2. Who can have one? Men who have experienced trauma and subsequent scarring to the face – due to burns, lacerations, surgical incisions or acne – will benefit from a beard transplant. Men who have a patchy pattern of beard growth will also benefit – these areas can be filled in
  3. How is it different from a hair transplant? The process for a beard transplant is exactly the same as it is for a hair transplant for the scalp. The only difference is the size of the incisions – they are smaller when grafting hair for a beard.
  4. Is it painful? No – an anaesthetic can be given, and the incisions for an FUE are tiny – barely noticeable.
  5. When can I shave? It’s best to avoid shaving for about ten days. This will give the hair grafts time to recover from the procedure and the skin to heal. Once all the tiny scabs have fallen off and you have been assessed by your surgeon, you may carefully trim the area.
  6. Will my new beard grow straight away? Your hair grafts will go a shock phase and you are likely to experience hair loss from up to 70% of your grafts. After 3-4 months you will notice your hair grafts growing normally and your beard will have achieved the desired thickness and coverage.
  7. Will it look natural? In the hands of a skilled surgeon who understands the aesthetics and patterns of male beard growth, a very natural looking beard will be achieved. Research your clinic options and look for someone with experience and reputation.
  8. How long does it take? The procedure can take up to 4 hours, depending on how many grafts need to be transplanted.
  9. Will my beard transplant fall out? Your new beard is permanent and should last a lifetime. You may require follow-up treatment if at first you don’t achieve the desired effect, but if you choose an excellent surgeon at the outset, even this won’t be necessary.
  10. How much will it cost? This will depend on what your individual needs are. Consult with a specialist who can assess you in person and provide a reliable quote.


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