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At our Birmingham head office, we are seeing more and more men who are ditching the wig in favour of scalp micropigmentation.

Baldness is definitely something most men would choose to avoid. Most of the widespread methods involve some kind of medical treatment, either by using drugs or lotions or via hair transplant surgery. However, if you don’t want your thinning hair to be visible and you also don’t want to undergo any surgical procedures, yet you demand instant results, a hair system is one possible option.

Probably the greatest advantage of hair systems and wigs is that they involve no medical treatment at all. This means that if you are afraid of operations or you just don’t like the whole idea of having a lifetime on hair loss pills, you can still have the good looking hair you want. What’s more, another advantage is that you can always change your appearance by purchasing a new hair system or wig in a different style, or have your existing system restyled as per your preference.

Hair system suppliers in Birmingham

There are a number of hair system specialists based in Birmingham including Farrell Hair, Houghs, Advanced Appearance and Hair4All. There you would talk to a specialist who would help you choose the perfect one for you. However, this is something that you are highly likely to wear for many years and you should always aim for the best quality even though the price might be a little higher. However, if at some point you decide that you no longer like the way you look you can always make different modifications by changing the hair system.

One very important thing for people that intend to wear these hair replacements is that they should be really well aware of how to place them on their scalp. If hair systems are not properly placed on the scalp it would be clearly visible that this is not your real hair. Most places where you can find hair systems in the Birmingham area would offer you short guides on how to do this properly. In some places the specialists might even take some of their time in order to teach you.

Even though hair systems can sometimes have some side effects such as irritation of the scalp skin, these side effects are really rare and if you keep all of the rules by the manufacturer it is highly likely that you would never have any problems with your new wig or hair system. There are however, some downsides such as the stigma attached to wig wearing, and the worry that you might be found out. There are several high profile cases of celebrities who have suffered a wig malfunction and have been ridiculed as a result.

What about scalp micropigmentation?

Clearly as the innovators of the SMP technique, we would always recommend this option to our clients over a hair system. Whilst this may make us understandably a little biased, consider how the two options stack up against each other.

For starters, SMP is much more cost effective in the long run. A decade or so of hair system usage can cost many thousands of pounds in purchase costs, maintenance and styling fees, never mind the fact that you actually need two systems to allow your supplier to clean and prepare the one you’ve been wearing.

Maintenance is also much less of a chore. Simply shave and go. Compare this to the hefty maintenance regime that goes hand in hand with wearing a wig, and the difference is obvious. Lastly, scalp micropigmentation is far less restrictive on your lifestyle. You can swim, sweat, venture outside in any weather and you have much less chance of ever being found out.

The choice is of course down to the individual. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, and only you can choose which route best fits with your lifestyle, budget and preferences.


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