Proscar versus Propecia – Which is most effective?

Hair Loss Drugs

Proscar is a pill for hair loss containing a 5mg dose of Finasteride, the same active ingredient found in Propecia. Both Proscar and Propecia were developed for the treatment of an enlarged prostate, and both are marketed by Merck Pharmaceuticals.

During clinical trials of prostate drug finasteride, Merck noticed an interesting side effect – many men taking part in the trial experienced a reduction in their hereditary hair loss, in fact many subjects actually regrew hair that had been previously lost.

Further experimentation revealed that only a 1mg dose of Finasteride was needed to produce this result, therefore Proscar was repackaged and rebranded as a 1mg dose, marketed as what is now known as Propecia.

Proscar is still widely available and depending on your country of origin, often without prescription. Although Proscar is only available as a 5mg dose, the majority of hair loss sufferers using Proscar cut the tablet into four separate doses, saving a considerable amount of money per year versus the cost of buying the more expensive Propecia tablets.

Does Proscar work more effectively than Propecia?

No. Proscar performs no better or no worse than Propecia as they both rely on the same active ingredient, Finasteride. Proscar is simply not marketed as a hair loss product, hence why there can be a significant price differential.

Contrary to popular belief, the 5mg dose of finasteride offered by Proscar is no more effective at stopping hair loss than the 1mg dose contained in Propecia.

What about side effects?

Serious potential side effects associated with Propecia usage are well documented and include impotence or some form of erectile dysfunction, in fact Merck Pharmaceuticals are one of the worlds most sued companies with many high profile lawsuits taking place.

Proscar contains 5 times the finasteride content as contained in Propecia, therefore the potential side effects are likely to be multiplied. Proscar should only be used following advice from a doctor or other medical professional.

Proscar alternatives

Aside from Propecia, other pills for hair loss include Procerin, Dutasteride, Nourkrin, Advecia and Saw Palmetto tablets. Some of these products may work better than others, and some may cause a range of side effects. Always consult a professional and do your research before taking any of these pills.

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