Finasteride: The story behind the controversial hair loss drug

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Finasteride - the story behind the drug

Finasteride - the story behind the drugWhen it comes to any pill with health claims, it is important to do your research. What works successfully for one person, many have side effects or no results at all for another. Consultations and a health M.O.T. are key before trying anything new or risky and the drug Finasteride is no exception.

Worrying side effects

This small pink pill is described to millions of men with prostate issues and to combat hair loss. For many, it sees great results and leaves those who take it happy. For others it involves side effects … and even lawsuits.

There are some reports that the pill, also known as Propecia, can cause depression or sexual problems.

The pill was created back in 1997 by Merck and it is made up of 5-alpha reductase which can help treat hair loss.

Adverse side effects can happen to anyone with any medication and can depend on a variety of factors such as gender, age, general health, any other medication use, weight and height. For those worried about the potential side effects of a pill, it is important to talk through your concerns at a consultation, where answers and advice will be given.

Some people might choose not to risk this particular pill, despite it being approved, and in this case there are alternatives out there.

Other hair loss options

One alternative that is growing in popularity is scalp micropigmentation. For a non-invasive and fairly cost effective hair loss cover-up this technique uses tiny dots of pigment to give the illusion of hair regrowth and has had rave reviews from men who have regained the appearance of their old hairlines, filled in bald spots or seen great results after having the condition alopecia areata.

The saying each to their own springs to mind … and thanks to medical and cosmetic advances, the possibilities and remedies are ever-growing, along with demand!


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