Can lavender reduce hair loss?

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Lavender has been used in homeopathic remedies for centuries. It is said to help insomnia, stress and anxiety. In the stressful world we now live in there are plenty of products available to help soothe and invigorate. A lavender bag under the pillow to aid sleep, lavender oil in the bath to help relaxation. These have long been used but now another theory is developing and that is that lavender can help reduce hair loss.

There is no proof that this actually works but working on the lines that lavender helps with stress and anxiety this could in turn help with hair loss. Stress can cause hair loss but it is not normally permanent and usually starts to grow once stress is reduced.

Hair loss occurs when the body’s own hormones attack the hair follicles which then shrink and only weak hair can grow which then falls out. Lavender has not been seen to prevent hair loss to any noticeable extent, but it does have other benefits which do seem to work.

Many people show signs of hair loss or thinning and for women it can be embarrassing. They could be losing hair after childbirth, which is common, and the more stressed they become the worse the hair loss becomes. Fortunately this type of hair loss normally resolves itself in time. Men who lose their hair at an early age can also feel embarrassed as they feel it makes them look older. It is important to check and see what is causing the problem.

Before going to an expert people can look to herbal remedies to cure the symptoms. Certainly some can help such as massaging oil into the scalp to stimulate the hair follicles and wrapping in a warm towel to nourish the hair. After a good shampoo the hair can feel soft and look shiny but this will not cure hair loss.

Lavender comes under the herbal remedy category and for some people it will seem to work but there is no proof. With its calming effects lavender does have a place in helping to relax and therefore the body as a whole works and feels better. Any remedy that makes a person feel good is worth it to them and should not be dismissed.

In today’s fast moving world there is not always enough hours in the day to do what is needed and on these days a beauty regime can be left out. Looking your best can boost confidence and relax you so it is worth taking time out to spend on yourself. That is when herbal remedies can come into their own.

It would be nice to think something as simple as lavender could help prevent hair loss in some cases but unfortunately it will not. Fortunately there are remedies but at a cost, and there are no quick fixes in pill or lotion form.

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