Hair loss concealers versus scalp micropigmentation

Hair Loss Concealers

Amongst the multitude of hair loss products available on the market, are a range of ‘concealer’ type products that are either sprayed, shaken, or brushed into thinning hair to make it appear fuller. Some of these products also dye the scalp to further camouflage hair loss.

Many of our customers have tried such products, so we thought it relevant to cover them on our site. The most popular brands tend to be DermMatch, Nanogen and Toppik and usually originate from the US or Europe, or are manufactured elsewhere but based on the same idea. An increasing number of products of Indian or Chinese origin are now starting to appear on the market, as manufacturers look to cash in on the growing demand.

To truly assess these products as a potential solution, we have to ask the question as to why people buy them in the first place. The truth is that the vast majority of people suffering from some form of hair loss are looking to regain their confidence. Until a virtually bullet-proof product is developed, our view is that these products still are unable to guarantee that they won’t be rained or sweated off, smudged off or worse, ruffled off by being touched by other people. With this always being a constant consideration, can these products truly offer an improvement in confidence and self-esteem?

Testament to this is the fact that despite using these products, our customers still turn to us for help, something they wouldn’t feel the need to do if these products actually solved their insecurity. Just read CheekyChops diary thread in our forum to see how even a lifetime of concealer use can leave the wearer feeling unhappy and anxious.

For more information about specific concealer brands, please see the following posts. Feel free to contact us with your comments, particularly if you have had first hand experience of using these products.


Just thought I’d update this post, as we have recently published a video featuring a client called Mark Andrews. Marks story highlights what can happen when years of reliance on hair loss concealers comes to an end, following an SMP treatment. His concealer use started after failed hair transplants and a grueling scalp reduction procedure.

Mark looks so much better, much happier and his hair looks infinitely more natural after his SMP sessions.


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