What is Nanogen Nanogaine?


Nanogen is the manufacturer of a vast range of branded hair loss products, pioneered and marketed by a laboratory in the UK since 1999.

Nanogen Nanogaine is a topical solution that is applied daily, and works in a similar way to Rogaine, except instead of being soluble in alcohol, Nanogaine is soluble in water, making it arguably less damaging to the scalp over the long term.

How does it work?

In a normal scalp, at any one time approximately 90% of hairs are in the anagen phase and 10% in either the catagen or telogen phase. As hair loss is experienced, the number of hairs in the anagen phase drops, while the number of hairs falling out (telogen phase) rises. Nanogen Nanogaine is reputed to increase the number of hairs in the anagen phase by +15%, at the same time decreasing the number of hairs in the telogen phase.

Both Minoxidil and Nanogaine work by releasing the Nitric Oxide molecule (NO), which acts as a chemical messenger to the hair follicles. Minoxidil is unfortunately only soluble in alcohol solutions and consequently can cause a dry and flaky scalp over long-term use. Furthermore, this drying effect damages the hair follicle.

The Nanogaine formulation is water soluble and thus can be used for a longer period of time with less likelihood of experiencing adverse effects. With Nanogaine, you get all the benefits of Nitric Oxide, without the downsides of an alcohol-based product.

Is Nanogen Nanogaine any good?

As with most hair loss products, independent reviews are hard to find. It is up to the individual to decide if a topical product like Nanogen Nanogaine could fit into their daily routine, and produce the results they are hoping for.

Are there any side effects?

Nanogen Nanogaine can sometimes cause irritation of the scalp. If this occurs then usage of this product should be reviewed with your GP or medical adviser.

What does it cost?

Nanogaine costs around £40 GBP in the UK for one months supply (approx $62 USD). Nanoguard Shampoo costs around £15 GBP per month (approx $24 USD) and Nanoguard Anagen Activator costs around £30 GBP per month (approx $48 USD).

In total if you follow Nanogens advice, the total cost will be around £85 GBP per month (approx $134 USD). Usage must continue for the lifetime of the patient, if the reported benefits are to be maintained.

A promotional video from Nanogen is shown below.


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