Thyroid problems can cause hair loss, and it’s not just a women’s problem


adams appleYour thyroid is like the energy control centre for your body. It either releases or inhibits hormones according how much of the hormone is coursing through your body at any given time.

Those hormones, once released, will do things like allow growth to occur, facilitate access of blood to muscles, and even control your digestive system. It’s a pretty powerful little bow-tie shaped organ that sits at the front of your neck.

An under-active thyroid is known as Hashimoto’s Disease, and fatigue, muscle pain, weight gain, sensitivity to the cold, and hair loss are all common symptoms.

An over-active thyroid is most likely to be Graves’ Disease. A racing heart, restlessness, weight loss, and bulging eyes are some of the symptoms likely to be experienced.

Men and hypothyroidism

Most of the time, thyroid dysfunction affects women. Mainly because it’s an autoimmune disorder, and autoimmune disorders mostly affect women. The reason for this has yet to be ascertained. They just do.

However, sometimes – because we are all ever so slightly different – men experience thyroid problems too.

Most of the symptoms that women experience, men will experience too, with the exception of symptoms which relate to a woman’s reproductive system. And while women are likely to see a drop in libido, men may describe erectile dysfunction among their symptoms.

Hypothyroidism and hair loss

If hair loss is just one of a number of symptoms, all of which point to a problem with the thyroid, then a man might at least take comfort in the possibility that he may not actually be going bald.

By consulting a doctor for a thorough examination including pathology which will assess his thyroid hormone levels, thyroid hormone replacement treatment can be prescribed, and it won’t be long before normal hair growth will be restored.


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