The best topical hair loss treatments

The best topical hair loss treatments

The best topical hair loss treatmentsWhen searching for hair loss treatments, you’ll come across thousands of different products. The hair loss market is booming with more companies than ever before now offering “miracle” solutions.

Unfortunately, the majority of these don’t work. However, there are a few hidden gems out there and below we’ll look at some of the best topical hair loss treatments currently on the market.


There are very few FDA approved topical hair loss treatments out there, but Minoxidil is one of them. Used mainly to treat androgenetic alopecia in both men and women, the solution is typically sold in 2% strengths over the counter.

It tends to come in mousse form and is applied directly to the scalp twice each day. For best results, it’s often combined with Finasteride medication. When used early enough, Minoxidil has been clinically proven to help with hair regrowth.


While largely sold in the US, Nioxin is available in the UK and it comprises of a unique 3-part system. There’s a cleanser, scalp treatment and scalp revitaliser included, each tackling different aspects of hair loss.

For example, the cleanser helps to unblock the hair follicles, while the treatment uses antioxidants to refresh the scalp. The revitaliser helps control moisture and boosts the hairs resilience.

Nioxin is best used to treat thinning hair and it provides additional SPF 15 to protect your scalp against UV damage.

Pura d’or

This DHT blocking shampoo is another American product available in the UK. While its main function is to block DHT, it also encourages hair growth. It contains Niotin, Biotin, antioxidants and Argan oil to promote a healthy scalp and give the hair a stronger, thicker feel.

The shampoo is easy to use as you just lather it into wet hair and then leave it for 2 minutes before washing it off. Unlike a lot of shampoos, this one also doesn’t contain any sulphate.

The above are three of the best topical hair loss treatments you can invest in. Remember, before trying out any hair loss product, it’s vital you seek a proper diagnosis from the doctor. Only once you’ve determined the cause, can you find a suitable solution.


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