Queen orders Prince William to sharpen up his look with hair transplant


Prince_William_February_2015Reports say that Queen Elizabeth is prepared to fork out a princely £30,000 to pay for her grandson to have a hair transplant, in order to look at least as good as his stunning wife, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Still fresh in her mind is the effect Princess Diana had on the British public, and how our love for her overshadowed Prince Charles’ importance as the heir to the throne. She doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice.

Too much for Kate to handle?

Prince William’s beautiful wife, Kate – or the Duchess of Cambridge if you want to be all proper about it – hasn’t been too bothered about her royal husband’s ever-increasing bald patch until recently, when they visited some old friends of his at the RAF Search and Rescue Operations in Anglesey.

In typical laddish banter, these old “pals” gleefully teased him about his hair loss, and while the prince took it on his chin, like a man, Kate was apparently mortified.

Windsor women unite

No sooner had they returned home from the trip, according to reports, than Kate was in contact with the royal granny to formulate a plan of attack and get the hair transplant ball rolling.

Kate knows only too well how cruel the media can be if they spot even the slightest weakness in a high profile media personality’s appearance, and she’s keen for her husband not to come under fire, as she has done, in the past.

Will Will bow to royal pressure?

So the Queen and Duchess may have entirely different agendas for revitalising Prince William’s scalp, but the end result will be the same – if he gives in to the pressure and goes ahead with the hair transplant treatment: a youthful and energised prince, fit to take on his royal duties, and with a more regal mane, to boot.


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