Is Meghan Suffering From Postpartum Hair Loss?


Following the recent birth of her baby, the Duchess of Sussex has had the national press asking a question, is Meghan suffering from postpartum hair loss? We look closer. 


Postpartum Hair Loss

This very common form of hair loss, almost invariably temporary, affects pretty much all women in the months after childbirth. During pregnancy, elevated levels of oestrogen prevent the hair follicles from entering their normal rest phase after a long period of growth. This involves the old hair falling out, after two to seven years of active service, before being replaced hopefully, by a fresh new one. It is one of the reasons mums-to-be can look so radiant, with their crowning glory in its best-ever condition.

 There is a flip-side to this period of extended growth and thickness. In the months after the baby is born the hormone levels will return to normal. This will see the hair to catch up on several months of zero rest and lead to a period of what presents as hair loss. Each new mum will have their own experience with varying degrees of severity and duration. 

Meghan’s Hair

Meghan has, we are assured by people who know about these things, been associated with a messy bun as her preferred hairstyle. Done properly this is an easy style to throw your hair into, it also has the virtue of protecting most of the hair from pollution and smells. Since the birth of her son, Archie, she has been reported as wearing her hair in a much tighter, sleeker, bun. This has led to speculation in more than one tabloid newspaper that it is due to hair loss. A couple of well-known hairdressers were wheeled out to support the theory but as yet it remains unconfirmed. 

HIS Hair Clinic

One of the celebrity hairdressers did point out that there are other reasons why a young mum might choose the style. The messy version requires significantly more management over the course of a day for instance. It is also a great choice in hot weather. 

Whatever the motivation, it is great to see hair loss discussed in the mainstream media, particularly a version that affects so many women.

If you want to see more of Meghan’s hair, we recommend you to this study of her styles over the years we found on the Allure site. 

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