Hair Loss Shampoo – Does It Work?


Amongst the wide range of hair loss products available, are a number of hair loss shampoo products, claiming to slow or even prevent the onset of hair loss. The obvious question however, is do they actually work?

A significant proportion of clients visiting one of our hair clinic locations, have tried using some form of hair loss shampoo in the past. Whilst the general consensus is that hair loss shampoos, at best, provide a mild slowing of hair loss, we felt that it was worthwhile highlighting the main products on the market, as many of our clients do consider using them.

Whilst there are countless hair loss shampoos available, the main brands used are Revivogen and Nanogen Nanoguard. Please note that there are also topical hair lotions on the market such as Rogaine, however for the purposes of this post, we’ll focus just on hair loss shampoo.


revivogen hair loss shampoo

Revivogen is a branded hair loss shampoo and conditioner made from natural ingredients, marketed for the prevention of hair loss.

The active ingredients in Revivogen shampoo are Gamma Linolenic acid (GLA), Alpha Linolenic acid (ALA), Linoleic Acid, Oleic Acid, Azaleic Acid, Vitamin B6, Zinc, Saw Palmetto Extract, Beta-Sitosterol and Procyanidin Oligomers, each of which claim to provide benefits to hair loss sufferers.

Due to a lack of independent clinical trials, very little is known about Revivogen products. We can find no hard evidence of their effectiveness, however it is a matter of personal choice. A handful of our clients have reported benefits, however it is difficult to confirm whether this has been due to Revivogen products, or another product they’d been using simultaneously. If you suffer from hair loss and would like to try a hair loss shampoo, Revivogen is a well known brand and causes no common side-effects.

Nanogen Nanoguard

nanoguard hair loss shampoo

Nanogen is a vast range of branded hair loss products, pioneered and marketed by a laboratory in the UK since 1999. Nanoguard is a shampoo that is claimed to reduce hair loss, and is recommended by the manufacturer to be used in conjunction with their Nanogen Nanogaine product.

In the manufacturers own words:

“Nanoguard aims to prevent damage to the hair follicle and scalp. By preventing this damage, Nanoguard aims to slow shedding of hair and miniaturisation. This also revitalises and protects the hair follicle and creates an environment conducive to healthy hair growth.”

Our clients occasionally mention this product, however we have been unable to find an independently published consumer review. That is not to say however, that Nanoguard doesn’t work. Again, personal experience may be the only real way to draw any accurate conclusions.


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