Fed up of reading hair loss reviews?


Do you find yourself endlessly trawling spammy-looking hair loss reviews for product after product, and don’t know what information to trust?

You are not alone. For many hair loss sufferers, their first step towards taking action is to trawl through hundreds of such reviews on the internet, promoting anything from hair transplant procedures to hair systems, pills, potions and concealers.

Our best advice? Stop reading!

Yes, you read that correctly. STOP reading those reviews! Although we fully advocate and recommend conducting proper and thorough research before reaching for your credit card details, so many of the clients we speak to end up in a state of analysis paralysis, which ultimately ends in a cycle of anxiety and frustration. On the other hand, people often believe everything they read and buy just about every product on the market, leaving them with no results and a much lighter bank balance.

The reality is that no one product or solution is infallible, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on your particular circumstances. For that reason, every single option available will be both praised and criticised, probably leaving you more confused than when you started.

Reading through endless comments will most likely end in extended procrastination, by the end of which you will have taken no action and hair loss will continue to affect your life.

We’re not saying that hair loss reviews are a bad thing, in fact, an understanding of how the various hair loss products claim to work can only be a good thing. We’re simply saying that there is a time to take action, and discuss your problem either with your doctor, or with a hair loss specialist.

So what should you do about your hair loss?

That depends on you. Ultimately, you have a number of options. We offer the MHT® technique, however you could also consider a hair transplant, a hair system, the Lasercomb, a hair loss shampoo, a lotion such as Rogaine, a pill such as Propecia or Procerin, or a natural hair loss treatment such as Advecia.

For each treatment, consider its potential impact on your lifestyle. Be honest with yourself about your own tolerances. Would you be prepared to wear a hair system every day? Or undergo hair transplant surgery? In your mind, place each of the hair loss remedies into your day to day routine, and see how it fits. This should give you a pretty good idea of which would be most suitable for your own personal circumstances.

Also remember that these products make their manufacturers million of pounds, dollars, euros, rupees….. whatever. If the product only works for a small proportion of people, it is not in the manufacturers best interests to tell you that. Know the industry you’re in, and don’t be duped by promises without hard evidence. Endless product reviews could have been written by anyone.

Need more advice?

If you want REALLY honest advice about many of the hair loss products available, you should see the videos on YouTube in a channel called HairLossFromSteriods. This guy has accumulated tens of thousands of views on his videos which take a really frank and somewhat entertaining look at some of the brands you may have heard of. Although his experience relates primarily to hair loss related to steriod use, his advice is still relevant to all hair loss sufferers.

One of his videos can be seen below:

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