Hair Loss Drug Delivers Exciting Trial Results


News is in from America where exciting trial results for a hair loss drug have been announced by Concert Pharmaceuticals We take a closer look.


Hair Loss Trial Yields Results

Concert Pharmaceuticals, headquartered in Lexington, Mass, have announced that their hair loss drug delivers exciting trial results. 

It follows from their last official announcement in November 2018 when they gave us their first set of Phase 2 results. At that time we were given results for the 4mg and 8mg dose levels. In the conclusion was the teaser that the SALT score, the measure used for success, was sufficient to take the 8mg dose forward to Phase 3. All the more impressive because the patients, at the 24-week point, were still continuing to see an improvement in their condition.  At that time were also told we would have to wait a little longer for the results from the 12mg dose level. 

Hair Loss Drug CTP-453 

When Concert announced their results last November the promise of a cure for Alopecia Areata (AA) was teased. This is the unpleasant condition where sufferers can lose hair from anywhere on the body, but usually the scalp and usually in circular patches. An estimated 650,000 Americans are thought to be suffering at any one time. It is a condition that usually affects younger people. Current practice is to treat them with a series of painful corticosteroidal injections. Potentially dozens of them. So to say a new treatment is desperately required would be an understatement.

The Future For Hair Loss?

Concert has now delivered those 12mg trial results. The headline-grabbing quote here was that 78% of the patients on that relatively high dose experienced improvement. Improvement that they described as either ‘much improved’ or ‘very much improved.’ 

The current version of the treatment sees a pill taken twice a day. Itself a leap forward from injections that can only be tolerated for a while. 

For their part, Concert is now looking at a 16mg dose in an open-label phase 2 study. They are also working on a version where the patient only needs to take one pill a day… which would involve a single 16mg dose. 

The data of all these studies will be used to inform a meeting with the FDA. A meeting where Concert will be looking to plan the Phase 3 trial for 2020. 

HIS Hair Clinic

It is encouraging that every time Concert comes back to report their latest results things seem to have improved. It is clear their ambitions for CTP-453 have risen and we await their next announcement. Which will, we hope, be the fine details of a full Phase 3 trial. The FDA has designated AA as one of eight diseases that are to be given priority. In light of that, we can expect full support from them towards Concert as they look to expedite trials and move to production and marketing. 

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